SERVICE TEAMS BELLERIVE USHERS Our Ushers Team is a group of people always willing to do whatever it takes! They love to welcome and serve in a way that others benefit fully from their time in church. This is done by promptly doing the tasks required to make the service flow freely without hindering the Holy Spirit. WELCOME & CONNECT Our Welcome Team aim for everyone to feel special and welcome at church. Their friendly smile and warm greetings set an atmosphere for acceptance and love. The Connect Team understand the power of belonging. They are always looking to make meaningful connections with our visitors, helping them feel part of God’s family and purpose. EXPO AREA When it comes to providing information, getting you registered for an event or keeping you informed, the Expo Team can help. Through the careful processing of paperwork, payments, and general admin, they ensure people are connected with all that is happening in the life of our church. HOSPITALITY There’s nothing better than serving people a lovely cuppa and seeing them walk away happy! If you love catering or have a flair for the creative in the kitchen, you would fit right in. BARISTA TEAM The Barista Team loves to put a smile on everyone’s face. We take pride in serving people with our best barista skills and having a lot of fun at the same time! CARPARK Our Carpark Team love to welcome and guide visitors and friends as they park their park their vehicles. The first impression people receive of our church is in the carpark! We never underestimate a friendly smile and readiness to assist. SERVICE MANAGERS Our Service Managers see the big picture on Sundays. They oversee each of the service teams, and ensure the venue is set up, warm, welcoming and ready to receive all that come. Attention to detail, and procedure are paramount, along with the flexibility to achieve the desired outcome. SERVICE DIRECTORS Our Service Directors role is to see our Pastors and special guests hosted well, ensuring all issues relating to stage and presentation during the service are arranged and requirements met. This enables our Pastors to focus and minister in their full capacity. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN BE A PART OF THESE TEAMS, PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE ON 03 6244 6336. SERVICE TEAMS DERWENT VALLEY The heart of the Service Teams in the Derwent Valley is to make sure every person feels welcomed and valued. Our Service Managers ensure the service flows seamlessly, taking away any unnecessary distractions as the Holy Spirit moves in the people. Our Ushers ensure people feel welcome, comfortable and at home. They provide assistance as required during the service. Our Hospitality Team aim to create an environment for fellowship after service, through providing a light meal. Connection through building relationship with other church members is essential for growth and belonging. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN BE A PART OF THESE TEAMS, PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE ON 03 6244 6336. Sunday Celebration & Service Teams Everyone needs fresh revelation from God to continue to grow and flourish in all areas of their life. Every Sunday our growing church meets together to enjoy passionate worship, powerful prayer and inspiring messages that effectively impact and change our lives forever. Our Sunday Services are a celebration of all that God is doing in and through the life of our church and its people. Here is a link to contact us if you are interested in serving in the area of service teams: Connect Me – Service Teams