Let’s together continue to pray for the nation of Afghanistan.

We are partnering ACCI (Australian Christian Churches International), our ACC Missions Organisation to provide financial support. The immediate and pressing need is to provide assistance to help evacuate and resettle Christian workers on the ground in Afghanistan. Click the link and reference ‘Afghanistan offering‘.


• Afghan Believers – Pray that God will protect them and their families, and keep them safe as they face great persecution for their faith. 

• Afghan Refugees – Pray for those desperately trying to flee the country, at a time when there are no commercial flights. Pray for routes to open up and nations to welcome them.

• Foreign Workers – Pray for those who are leaving and those who decide to remain in the country.

• Christian Workers – Pray for those who are called to minister to the Afghan people, to bring a message of hope, based on God’s Word.

• Afghanistan – Pray for the future of Afghanistan and for the members of the Taliban.

• The Church – Pray that the worldwide body of Christ unites together to pray, and support those who find refuge in other countries through aid and resources.

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