Here at Your Church we understand the importance of belonging to something and the need to be part of something significant. No matter what your age or stage, at our church, we want to help you find your fit and be part of the family.

Our church has all sorts of teams and groups for people of all ages as well as regular activities and gatherings that you can join in on. 

So whether you’re keen to jump in and serve, or just need to sit for a while, that’s cool. We want to help you to do just that!

You will find a full list of ministry areas and events catering for everyone from the youngest among us to the oldest. 

Jump in and find YOUR NEXT today!


We see a church that is real, welcoming and life changing, committed to connecting people to God and each other.

A church that is so consumed by the power of the Holy Spirit, that it can’t help but shape and influence the future of our city and beyond.

A church that is sold out for the cause of Jesus Christ, that boldly and passionately proclaims Him as the hope of the world.

A church that continues to grow significantly in number and influence through authentic relationships, impacting worship services, and a thriving network of connect groups.

A church who has the freedom, faith and courage to outwork the message of Jesus in their community; restoring spiritual, physical and emotional hope.

A church that is committed to developing leaders who will build the church and impact and influence society with courage, strength and the power and love of Jesus Christ.


Jesus commanded us to ’Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength’ (Mark 12:30), and He commissioned us to ‘go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit’ (Matthew 28:19).

Year in and year out, our mission remains the same: the cause of Jesus Christ.

Our purpose can be summarised in a single sentence: ‘In unity we aim to bring worship and glory to God and in the love and power of the Holy Spirit, reach out to our community, making mature followers of Jesus Christ’.


Ps Dave & Alix Morse

Dave & Alix Morse are the Senior Pastors at Your Church; a contemporary, growing, vibrant church committed to making a difference in their community.

They are passionate about presenting the Gospel in a real and relevant way and inspiring others to have an influence in their world.

Their enthusiasm to see churches unite and as one body mobilised to make a difference, extends to all areas of their ministry involvement. It is this passion that plays a significant part in seeing Church Together Tasmania continue to develop and grow from strength to strength.

Dave & Alix are committed to building the local church, with their passion for the house of God being at the heart of all they do.


We value a life whole heartedly devoted to Jesus: a life that remains in constant connection to Him through an active prayer life, study and application of God’s word and gathering together with other believers.

We value a life lived by faith in God which brings freedom and courage to live with authenticity and joy. We recognise that life is a journey and seek to boldly and generously worship God through every season. 

We value all people everywhere, for everyone has a story. We warmly welcome and accept others regardless of age, background or culture. 

We value all people as created in the image of God. We see the potential in every person to be restored, made whole, developed in their area of gifting and live out their God given purpose. 

We value progressive, innovative and active participation in the expansion of the Kingdom of God in our local, national and global communities through intentional partnership with others.



Our Kingdom Foundation Offering gives us the opportunity to express our love in action through our generosity.

Through our combined giving we are committed to ‘love local’ and ‘love global’. No amount, big or small is more or less significant.The heart felt giving of every person can be used to reach our world.

At any time of the year you are invited to jump in and join us on the Kingdom Foundation journey.