As a family we’re currently enjoying some beautiful weather in Brisbane. After a sensational Easter season, it feels like we escaped Tasmania just as the weather turned cold and snowy.

Not to suggest otherwise for those of you currently in Tassie, but for us, this time has felt like God’s favour on us.

I loved Emily’s message on Sunday. She encouraged us to run to God, to run to a safe place in him when we might be feeling fear in less than ideal circumstances.

God wants to work in us and bless us in spite of what might be going on around us.

In one of my devotions this week I read: ‘The more you behold Jesus and His love for you, the more you will see His favour work for you’.

It’s easy to feel like God can only work for us when we sort out our stuff. But the more we hold onto Jesus and His love, the more He can work for you in and through your stuff.

Let’s make our focus Jesus, and His love for us rather than just trying to fix our circumstances in our own strength.


Ps Dave & Alix Morse
Senior Pastors
Your Church