Like us, I bet you’re enjoying seeing some of the COVID-19 restrictions eased. It’s been great to catch up with a few family and friends, eat at a cafe for lunch and get out a little more.

This year, and in particular, this season has presented an amazing opportunity for a reset. When some of our norms are stripped away, we have the opportunity to see clearly what is most important.

Going forward, we are still the same people and our mission hasn’t changed. As we emerge from this season, we will be different, but in a good way. We won’t return to the way it was. Methods will change, new opportunities will present, and together we will step into the new.

On Sunday we talked about how God wrestled with Jacob. It was through this wrestling time that God was able to transform Jacob, allowing him to reconcile his past and walk into a new destiny.

We are all being reset – things will be the same but different. Jesus doesn’t change, He is a safe place for you to wrestle through your stuff and go into the new!

We would love for you to join us at Your Encounter Online (Wednesday May 27, 7:30pm)

Have a great week and see you soon!

Dave & Alix Morse
Senior Pastors
Your Church