Hi All,

Alix and I want you to know you’re in our thoughts and prayers at the moment.
Let’s remember we are in this together and we’re better together.

Last Sunday we looked at how we can be “Together Apart”.

Here’s a thought: together is knowing you are valued to the extreme.

Jesus cut through all the religious hurdles and hoops as He told powerful stories about: A lost sheep, a coin, a son. In each case we see the extremely high and relentless value placed on a lost creature, item or person.

Jesus was actually showing the religious elitists that the socially and religiously isolated were of immense value.

As we are in this season of social and in many cases, emotional isolation, remember, you are of immense value.

The lost sheep was carried on the shepherd’s shoulders; the coin was located when light came into the dark, and the son was found through limitless forgiveness and lost fortune.

You are not alone, you are of immense value and our heavenly Father will stop at nothing to find you and connect you.

Our heavenly Father is with Your Church Family and is with you.

Let’s stay in touch. Be proactive. Pick up the phone or the keyboard and sing out if you need help and touch base as you are prompted.

Alix and I are looking forward to connecting with you again on Sunday through
Church Online.

Love yuh heaps.  See you then.
Church isn’t closed; the way it meets has changed.

Ps Dave and Alix Morse